Compendia x Fritton Lake

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Pool Party

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Film Production


Social Media
Compendia - Fritton Lake, DJ Set, lifestyle video

Compendia x Fritton Lake

Compendia is a Norwich based creative studio, travel and lifestyle brand.

Run by a community of tastemakers, creatives, and global locals the collective’s focus is on inspirational brands, business and locations, their goal is to create the best guides out there for cities, counties and countries around the world.

The Compendia Brand Party is an annual pool-side event setup by the Compendia team, bringing together brands, businesses and individuals in the exclusive setting of Fritton Lake.

Our goal for the event was to capture the day as it unfolded, showcasing the DJ’s, wellness experts and location ready to highlight the event and push promotion for next year’s event.

Captured over the full day at the event, the furl team covered the entire site, capturing video content on land and in the air, bringing in our drone operator to show the scale of the event.

Aiming to outline the relaxed atmosphere of the event and the exclusive nature of the location, we included the breadth of DJ’s and wellness experts organised by the events team.

After launching the video on the brand’s social channels, the provided social version gain traction, pushing viewers to the dedicated blog page, featuring the full length video, along with photography and a write up of the event itself.

Since publishing, interest has gained ahead of next years event with the outlook of new sponsors, global DJs and influential fitness and wellness instructors.

Producer // Ben Piper
Camera // Ben Piper
Editor // Ben Piper
Production Support // Sam Harrons
Photography // Chip Skingley
Location Support // Fritton Lake


Initial output for driving engagement and highlighting the importance of the branding event.

Social Outputs – 30-45s for tiktok, Instagram & YouTube Shorts.


50k + views

The output has gained traction since launch, gaining interest from new brands and being shared amongst existing connections to Compendia & Fritton Lake. 

The various outputs will be set to gain additional views throughout the year as the drive for the 2024 event is pushed for new and existing brands affiliated with the event.

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