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Folks Coffee

Folks Coffee are a Norfolk based independent coffee house. Over the time that we’ve worked together the business has opened two new locations (Norwich & Blakeney). Not only have they increased their locations but they’ve also expanded the range of products, bringing their popular range of pastries in house.

With these changes to the brand and the business offering, new social assets were required in order to keep their online presence up-to-date. We discussed with the team the look and feel that the brand wanted to show within their new imagery.

We went for a colourful, full table, lifestyle shoot within their Norwich location. This location allowed us to utilise the various food vendors and kitchens within the Yalm Food Hall, delivering that Lifestyle look across their imagery.

Photography // Ben Piper
Editor // Ben Piper
Design // Folks Coffee
Location Support // Yalm


The main aim for this session was to provide the team at Folks Coffee with a suite of still imagery as well as a selection of edited video clips to assist the brand with promoting themselves across their social channels.


As we had set out, the additional imagery and video clips enabled the Folks Coffee team to highlight new offereings within the business, driving new custom to their three locations across Norfolk.

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