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Quarterly Update

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Film Production


Client Comms


Halleywell are a team of experienced financial professionals. Offering their client base high-quality financial advice.

Partnering with Halleywell in mid 2023, we’ve worked together to create regular updates for their clients, updating them of the ins and outs of their markets and how the business and investments are performing.

The idea behind the updates are to offer a more relatable and engaging way to delivery updates on the behind the scenes operations of the business, how certain portfolios are performing and what the plans are for the immediate future. This video-first offering delivers a much more tangible  form of communication over the usual and often stale newsletter.

The outlook for the videos is to continue producing these on a regular basis to keep new and existing clients up to date, keeping the communications focussed on the relevant information and excluding anything unnecessary in the brand’s headline comms.

Producer // Ben Piper
Camera // Ben Piper
Editor // Ben Piper


The sole purpose of this video is to be distributed to Halleywell’s client based through direct client communications.


Since moving to a higher production, video-based approach, the brand have reported good engagement and positive feedback from their clients.

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