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The Granary

The Granary are well recognised as a one of Norwich’s finest locations for interior design. Partnering on this project with Compendia, the aim of the project was to showcase The Granary’s flagship store, the layout and to highlight the multi-floor space.

Shot over the course of a day, we dressed the spaces and collaborated on the visual direction with the team at The Granary, making sure we captured the entire space and product range along with the customer journey and interactions. 

Our video project delves into the artistry and innovation of interior design delivered by The Granary. Through a captivating visual journey, we explore the transformative power of design and statement pieces in shaping environments and enriching experiences.

From concept to execution, the video showcases the meticulous attention to detail and the creative process behind each curated product stocked by The Granary.

Through stunning cinematography we enable viewers to witness the craft of design as ordinary spaces are transformed into extraordinary environments that reflect the unique visions and personalities of those who inhabit them.

Producer // Ben Piper
Camera // Ben Piper
Editor // Ben Piper
Production Support // Sam Harrons
Booking & Management // Kim Mouncer
Location Support // Jarrolds


Multi-format outputs for vertical screens in store along with specific floor by floor outputs for the brand’s social channels.

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