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Romeo & Succulent

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Social Campaign

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Photography & Video Production


Social Media
Compendia - Fritton Lake, DJ Set, lifestyle video

Romeo & Succulent

Romeo & Succulent is one of the areas most sort after and successful floristry businesses. Priding themselves on a specific visual style for their both work and how their work is shown.

Our initial contact with the brand centred around the support we could offer for Kim’s online floristry school project, and with the upcoming launch of the course, we worked together to create a full social and promotional calendar. We kicked off the project with some initial awareness content and to do this we mood-boarded and storyboarded the initial outline of how we would deliver a series of social posts.

Focussing on Instagram and specifically reels, our joint aim was to create short, impactful and to-the-point videos, utilising still imagery and text that was both dynamic and colourful.

To achieve this, the shoot days consisted of finding the right demographic within the local area, abandoning the usual target audience for floristry and focussing on the creative side. The imagery captured spanned a wide age-range and background in order for us to correctly target audience based on our research into these audience for the online teaching aspect of the project.

Producer // Ben Piper
Camera // Ben Piper
Editor // Ben Piper

  1. Instagram reels, focussing on the signup phase of Romeo & Succulent’s online course.
  2. Individual imagery to support the initial reels.

50k + views

The output has gained traction since launch, gaining interest from new brands and being shared amongst existing connections to Compendia & Fritton Lake. 

The various outputs will be set to gain additional views throughout the year as the drive for the 2024 event is pushed for new and existing brands affiliated with the event.

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