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// Winter in Shetland


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Winter in Shetland

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Film Production


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Sony Imaging

In partnership with Wex Photo Video and Sony Imaging, the project was set to produce a short video showing the landscape and nature in Shetland. Sony Imaging provided the team with the new Sony FX6 along with a full kit of lenses and accessories with the outline to utilise the equipment, putting them through their paces to show Wex’s audience what is capable with the FX6 in a harsh environment.

As one of the UK’s leading camera specialists, Wex Photo Video pride themselves on the real-world content they create for their audience. This content helps inform and update their audiences on what products are really like to use. This content type and regular output of content really drives the brand forward and ahead of their competition.

Because of this, the importance of showcasing the environments we were shooting in was paramount, we had to tackle extreme wind speeds, rain, snow ice and everything this subarctic archipelago could throw at us.


Producer // Ben Piper
Camera // Ben Piper
Editor // Ben Piper
Production Support // Kim Mouncer
Location Support // Visit Shetland


Single mid-form content showing the environment of Shetland, accompanied by a longer form video discussing using the camera in harsher weather conditions.


35k + views

From the initial launch, the various outputs for Wex & Sony have hit global audiences with a strong influx of engagement across their various channels.

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